The Estate

The history of Cascina Palazzo

Cascina Palazzo was born in 1946. Our grandfather Giacomo Allione bought the estate and began to produce butter and cheese. He liked innovation, so he was one of the first farmers who started to grow fruit in the area. In 1958 the Italian Department for Agriculture awarded him with a prize for the innovative approach of Cascina Palazzo. In the fields around the farmstead he grew many varieties of peaches, apples and pears, thanks to the best growing techniques learnt from farmers in Emilia Romagna.


Cascina Palazzo is specialized in fruit for juices and concentrates. Fruit is grown respecting the cycle of seasons and is protected by the local consortium ConDifesa. Over the last decades we added new varieties of pears, apples and plums, and part of our produce is for fresh consumption. Since 1980 we are organic growers with Global Gap and Grasp certifications, and for some crops we also apply the biodynamic farming. We constantly monitor our agricultural produce to ensure high quality.

We love challenges, so in 2009 we started to sell our apples, pears, kiwis, peaches and plums abroad too.

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