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Francesca and Giacomo Allione


To pass on our values

Here we are! We are Francesca and Giacomo Allione, third generation of the Allione family, who founded Cascina Palazzo in 1946

We still grow fruit respecting the cycle of seasons and searching for quality. We grow apples, pears, plums, peaches, kiwifruit. We were among the first farmers growing fruit in the area: our grandfather was even awarded with a prize for such an innovative action.

We never abandoned the search for innovation: over the past decades we introduced new varieties of fruit and new growing methods, and we are an organic company since 1980. We also apply the biodynamic growing to some crops. We grow fruit respecting the cycle of seasons, because this is essential to get really a high quality product. Our fruit is employed in the production of juices and concentrates, or for fresh consumption.

Just like our grandfather Giacomo, we like facing new challenges and we deeply believe that quality is the key to open the doors of new markets, which is why we have started to sell our fruit abroad too.

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